Testing Process

Stage by stage process for testing the CNG cylinders

  • De-Valving:
  • Purging of each cylinder individually:
  • Internal cleaning:
  • Visual inspection (measurement of various external and internal defects by visual inspection and limiting criteria for acceptance of cylinder)
  • Wire brushing (Motorized)
  • Weighing:
  • Hydrostatic stretch test:
  • Internal Drying (by hot air):
  • Unloading:
  • Stamping:
  • Re-installing of cylinder valve:
  • Leak testing of cylinder / Cascade as per requirement:
  • Painting of Cylinder:
  • Re-Purging of each cylinder individually:
  • Re-installation cylinder on vehicle / Cascade (as the case may be):
  • Re-Installation of all instruments on cascade:
  • Certification stretch test:

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